Logistics Services

Mission & Relief logistics specialists offer the best solutions for road, sea, rail, air transport and any combination of these. We develop complete packages of logistics solutions for you that take into account your budget and your load, the scope and terms of delivery.

Customs Warehouse

We offer you the opportunity to benefit from the Customs Warehousing Services. This warehouse is a room where the special customs warehousing procedure enters into force. It is predestined for the temporary storage of export or import goods.

Goods placed under customs warehouse are exempt from customs duties and no economic policy measures are applied.


In Sibiu (aproape de Biroul Vamal) we have access to a fully modern bonded warehouse. In this facility we can process and store almost any commodity before final transport. Because this is a bonded warehouse, we can also handle goods in transit. If need be, we can clear your goods through customs and send them on duty free to the destination of your choice.

Within our warehouse we can coordinate combinations of transports – less than truck load (LTL), and less than container load (LCL) shipments. Customers who send goods in a joint venture to the same destination can save significantly on transport costs.
If need arises, we can sort, combine, and repack your shipments within our warehouse. Mission & Relief can also arrange official sampling from independent third parties for goods going to receiving countries. Please feel free to contact us about the many possibilities.

Tailored Transport

Mission & Relief provide tailored transport. We begin your shipment by listening to you – on the basis of your needs and wishes, we advise a transport in which we take into account your options, the facilities of the transport network, and the capabilities of the receiver.

Emergency Relief

Mission & Relief specialises in the transport of emergency relief goods. We have the expertise to handle any logistical problems which may arise during the shipment and distribution of relief supplies. Thanks to our years of experience and numerous contacts in countries of destination all around the world, we can streamline the transport and maximise the effect of the aid.

Worldwide Service

Mission & Relief Transport began in 1993, so our team has many years of experience in local and international shipping and forwarding. We are responsible for the complete set of transport documents, and are knowledgeable about the latest customs rules and regulations, no matter how complicated, no matter which country. Furthermore, we know the situation in the countries of destination and have a worldwide network of connections. This allows us to control the transport until its completion, and with this we can guarantee the arrival of your goods world-wide.

Agency Services

Being an exchange agent is another role we take on fully to meet our client’s needs. Because of our world wide network of contacts, Mission & Relief has the latest information on the supply and demand of goods and equipment best suited to relief operations. Supplies no longer needed by one mission in one part of the world may be of great use to another mission in a different location. We have seen how this exchange and logistic service can be a terrific benefit to all parties involved.

The Value of Caring

Because of who we are, Mission & Relief adds value to our standard services. We have years of world wide experience, we offer professional advice and consultancy services, we keep our rates competitive, and most critically, we care about your cargo, right up to the final recipient. Our team works globally, we can guarantee the delivery of your shipment, and by working in partnership with you, we are assisting your mission to better the lives of people who are in need of the help you provide.

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